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The PTA helps helps our school pay for materials and events not covered by the school's budget. The PTA budget details our plans for revenue and expenses. 


Portions of the money raised pay expenses to put on the many fun family social events planned by the PTA.  Funds are also used to reimburse teachers for classroom expenses, pay for field trips not funded by APS, and purchase books for classroom libraries. 


If you have suggestions for activities or materials the PTA should fund, please submit a budget request.  Budget requests that are submitted after the school year's budget is approved are reconsidered in January and June if fundraising revenue exceeds our forecasts.


How it's done...

Teachers, families and local businesses work together to accomplish these goals by:


  • Donating online
  • Saving and bringing in Box Tops for Education
  • Shopping at certain local and national retailers
  • Participating in PTA fundraisers such as the Fall Book Fair, the Fall Social & Silent Auction, the Sock Hop, the 5K Run, and May Fest.


Thanks for all you do to make our school great!